Customer Service

Dispensers Customer Service A one-stop shop for customer enquires

Our aim at Dispensers is to provide first-class customer service via our dedicated and fully trained Customer Services team.
Offering a professional and friendly service, our fully trained staff ensures we offer the highest level of service at all times in order to meet our customer's varied needs.
Our newly formed Customer Services team is a one-stop shop so whether you're looking to place an order, make a return, change delivery details or resolve an issue; you can now do all this via the same agent and through the one department. Now that's worth shouting about!

Customer Service

We're always looking at ways to improve our service offering and that's why we now offer direct lines to our friendly Customer Services team. In addition, we also offer a comprehensive range of post sale functions providing you with extra confidence when purchasing from Dispensers.
The Customer Services team is a one-stop shop handling all customer enquires including:
Customer Service Replacement orders  Order tracking and confirmation
Customer Service Sourcing of missing items
Customer Service Provision of warranty information
Customer Service Approval of return requests
Customer Service Arrangement of collections (where applicable)
Customer Service Resolution of payment disputes & overdue invoices
Customer Service BSI audited complaints procedure

Contact Details & Opening Times

Opening Times
Mon-Fri 8.00-18.00
Sat 9.00 - 13.00
Contact Details
Tel: 020 7062 0697

Cutting out fraud

Whilst many companies are experiencing a rise in online fraud, Dispensers are fighting to eliminate the problem. Customer protection is paramount and we continually review and update our procedures to deter and capture fraudulent orders. Our aim is to actively eliminate fraud so we make every attempt to inform the cardholder if we believe their card is being misused.