About Us

Dispensers is a leading healthcare and workplace hygiene provider of dispensers. Most of our products are designed and developed right here in UK and used all around the world every day. We are committed to providing the highest quality of products and services in the workplace hygiene industry. We believe strongly in focused hygiene provision, and we place an emphasis on identifying and understanding individual industry requirements.

Our team is specialised by industry to ensure that we can deliver a tailored hygiene solution for your specific requirements.

Please take time to browse though our products and services, and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries – we’d be delighted to help be a part of your business success!

Our Approach

Our approach to workplace hygiene starts at the highest level. By understanding and delivering hygiene systems to critical sites such as Healthcare and Food Processing, our knowledge and development is applied to a much higher standard of equipment and services for all businesses – from a humble office washroom, to fine dining restaurants, veterinary surgeries and hospital patient wards. By aiming higher we can provide greater benefits across the board, no matter how large or small the requirement.

Effective workplace hygiene is crucial to ensuring a healthy and safe environment for staff, preventing cross contamination and reducing costly absenteeism. Meanwhile for public sites and businesses, providing fresh & clean hygiene facilities are also an essential part of creating a lasting impression with customers.

Environmental Responsibility

Dispensers is a privately owned that provides advanced controlled dispensing systems and associated services to businesses worldwide. We are constantly challenging convention and tradition, and use state of the art technology and expertise to reduce the impact of hygiene consumables and services on the environment.

Dispensers is committed to provide products and systems which optimise consumable usage and reduce wastage of business consumables.

Reducing use of materials and resources is both a financial and environmental focus for Dispensers. Environmental responsibility with regard to consumable usage can be managed by both the supplier and the user. As a supplier we actively promote and focus on equipment that discourages wasteful usage by controlling the dispensing of the product. We adjust our equipment settings such as time delays and dispensing volumes to reduce overuse of consumables.

Our goal is to increase the education and promotion of responsible consumable usage by encouraging users to ‘take less’. As a general rule, hygiene facilities and provisions are almost universally provided free of charge to staff, customers, and the public. All “free” and un-metered offerings, be it a buffet dinner or paper towels, place the onus on the customer to use responsibly – encouraging good, but environmentally responsible hygiene practices is an essential part of the Hygiene Systems offering.


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