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Shower Dispensers for Hotels

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Shower Dispensers for Hotels

70 %

Average Cost Reduction

Realised when switching to bulk

purchases liquid amenities

The Benefits

Your guests are more aware of the environmental impact of disposable plastic amenities. So it’s time to make a change, take a look at our range of Guest shower dispensers.

Travellers understand the waste created from individually packaged amenities. Dispenser Amenities will win you their praise. In survey after survey guests tell Hotel Managers “we love the Dispenser amenities program!”

If you think guests like the little bottles, it’s time to change your thinking!


  Dispensers TearThe bottles and caps are messy.   Dispensers Tear Lifetime warranty on pump and valve functionality. 
  Dispensers TearBottles are hard to read and tricky to open.     Eliminate plastic pollution from your bath amenities.Dispensers Tear
  Dispensers TearGuests understand that plastic waste is destroying the planet.    Save up to 70% of your total amenities expense.Dispensers Tear
  Dispensers TearFree shipping on qualified orders.    Compatible with all Liquid Brands.Dispensers Tear
 Quantity discounts available.Dispensers Tear    All units are locking and secure.Dispensers Tear
 Hundreds of positive reviews prove that guests love it!Dispensers Tear    Guests can choose how much or little they use.Dispensers Tear




Shower Liquids

 London Fine Soaps liquids are a favorite among many of the world’s top rated spas.

They feel thick and rich.

They are gently and freshly perfumed to appeal to both sexes.

And they perform luxuriously. 

By purchasing in bulk you will save money, eliminate waste plus your guests will love the convenience.

We supply unique product lines of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, conditioner shampoo, hand soap and lotion.


London Fine Soaps Liquids


 Hotel Shower Dispensers

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Triple Shower Dispenser Chrome    Double Shower Dispenser Chrome    Single Shower Dispenser Chrome    Single Shower Dispenser Satin    Single Shower Dispenser Satin    Single Shower Dispenser Satin