Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Toilet tissue dispensers allow users to pull out as many sheets may need, one at a time. It means less paper are used because customers are less likely to pull out large quantity of paper, which is great for small companies where few people are using the dispenser. Toilet tissue dispenser is a washroom essential. We have a great selection of dispensers so you can have a more hygienic and cost-effective solution.

Toilet Roll Holders

Toilet Roll Holders / Toilet Roll Dispensers, Typically used with a standard size toilet roll suitable for a low traffic toilet or washroom.

Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue Dispensers, also known as Multi Flat Tissue Dispensers, Toilet tissue is dispensed from a flat pack one sheet of paper at a time. An economical solution for a high traffic washroom.

Cormatic Toilet Roll Dispensers

Cormatic Toilet Dispensers, also know as pendematic and Corematic, these dispensers are for Cormatic / System Toilet tissue a high capacity toilet roll which is the equivalent of 2-3 standard toilet rolls.

Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispensers

Jumbo toilet roll dispensers, the popular choice of dispenser for high traffic washrooms due to the high capacity toilet rolls, and reduced maintenance costs.

Coreless Toilet Roll Dispensers

Coreless toilet roll dispensers, dispenses high capacity coreless toilet rolls, eliminates waste and keeps the washroom free of discarded toilet roll cores.

Carousel Toilet Roll Dispensers

Carousel toilet roll dispensers a cost efficient solution for the busy washroom, this dispenser holds three high capacity rolls of toilet paper.

Baywest Dispensers

Baywest Dispensers, a range of dispensers available on free on loan contracts

Smartone Toilet Roll Dispensers

Smartone toilet roll dispensers, contemporary designed dispensers that dispense high capacity centre pull toilet rolls.

Spare Toilet Roll Holders

Spare toilet roll holders, a range of holders that will hold standard toilet rolls.