Fitness Roadmap

Is your gym covered? Gyms come in many shapes and sizes, but make sure every aspect of your facility has eWipe protection.

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Cleanliness is ranked as the most important factor for people choosing a gym or fitness centre. This means that dusty, smelly and sweat-stained equipment and surfaces will have potential and current members running out the door and taking your revenue with them.
eWipes are highly recommended by industry leading fitness equipment manufacturers to protect, preserve, and safely clean treadmills, benches, weights, and other surfaces.
Choose from a variety of internationally best-selling bulk roll cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting wipes and wall mounts to keep clean a priority throughout your gym, rec centre, or fitness centre.

Fitness Stats

  • 90% of members preferred using wipes to clean equipment over sprays and towels
  • 70% of all bacteria found on fitness facility equipment harmful
  • Free weights have been found to contain 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat