Hospitality Carts & Trolleys

When it comes to making sure that a hotel room is ready for guests, professional carts and trolleys are an essential tool in the Hospitality, at Dispensers we have a huge selection of the best Carts and Trolleys available in the market and here you can find the right one for your needs.

Why buy a Hospitality Carts or Trolleys?

Our selection of Hospitality Carts & Trolleys will improve efficiency, also save time and energy for your staff. If you have a hotel or an accommodation facility, the hospitality carts and trolleys can meet your needs in terms of transport of luggage and clothes with its wide range of luggage carts.

Robustness: from a cart with an innovative design meant for internal use, to a more solid model for external use.

Functionality: from folding cart with fixed or swivel wheels.

Luggage carts are easy to handle, elegant and customisable in terms of colours and finishings. For greater safety, they could be equipped with shockproof rubber protection applied to the cart board or applied to the swivel wheels.

Designed for enhanced usability, productivity and simplicity, the trolley is easy to assemble, convenient to store and ready to equip for a wide range of applications.

Compact Design

Small cleaning trolley, easy to store and unobtrusive in use.

Safe & Secure Storage

Lockable and closed-away systems for safe and secure cleaning in public areas.

Built to Last

Unique Structofoam construction using co-polymers for high-impact strength.

The Right Cleaning Trolley for the Right Job

A wide range of accessories to suit all cleaning requirements.