Bins & Containers

Our bins are available in a wide range of colours and sizes. Our wheelie bins are supplied as standard with a raised lid to ensure rainwater run off and a multi-purpose hinge and handle system for both tilting and pushing.
All wheeled bins feature reinforced front and side walls for added strength to prevent possible deformation.

Reduce Litter and Keep Your Facility Clean with Commercial Refuse Bins and Recycling Bins

Make it easy for employees and guests to throw rubbish away. Providing rubbish bins in your workspace or business will allow guests to throw away their garbage without leaving it around your space. Utilize rubbish bins to help keep your business tidy. Whether it’s a heavy-duty rubbish can to handle bigger jobs or a smaller wastebasket to gather wrappers, it’s important to have rubbish bins around.
Rubbish bins come in many different styles and are great for organization. Keep your place tidy by providing rubbish bins that employees and customers can use to throw away rubbish. Choose from a variety of rubbish bins and find the right fit for your needs. rubbish bins can be used for heavy duty jobs or for convenience.

Commercial recycling bins and rubbish bins are essential items for indoor or outdoor use. Keep small or large bins near your kitchen work station, at employees' desks, or near the exit to your business, so customers always have a place to throw away or recycle their waste. These bins will organize garbage, and best of all, keep your premises neat and clean. For other waste disposal items, check out our garbage disposals, hotel room rubbish bins, and feminine napkin receptacles.